16-year-old’s Harvard acceptance video goes viral

By on December 15, 2017
16-year-old's Harvard acceptance video goes viral (Watch)

16-year-old’s Harvard acceptance video goes viral (Watch)

A 16-year-old Louisiana high school student is going to Harvard, and by the time he gets there many of his classmates will have seen the viral video of him reacting to news of his acceptance.

The annual tradition of seniors in high school recording video as they open college acceptance emails took off early this year as Little — and his older brother Alex — were accepted into Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Stanford University, in Stanford, California, respectively. As WBUR reports, Little is a student at TM Landry College Preparatory in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, and his Tuesday tweet showing his Harvard acceptance reaction has garnered nearly a half-million retweets and nearly 6 million views as of noon Thursday.

Little previously skipped a grade and turns 17 in February, WBUR reports. Surrounded in cheers and dancing by classmates, the “3-peat” chant during the senior ritual signifies the third year in a row TM Landry College Prep has sent someone to Harvard.

“Friends and family were there, but the majority of it was my school,” Ayrton said in a phone call to WBUR in Boston. “We’re a really small school. There’s only 16 in our graduating class, and me and my brother are two of those 16.”

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