California Mermaid out of water? Woman found wet and nearly naked, claiming to be a mermaid

By on April 6, 2017
California Mermaid out of water? Woman found wet and nearly naked, claiming to be a mermaid

California Mermaid out of water? Woman found wet and nearly naked, claiming to be a mermaid

California police are asking for the public’s help identifying a mermaid — well, a woman claiming to be a mermaid, that is.

Police were flabbergasted after stumbling upon a mysterious webbed feet woman wandering the streets of California with no identity and little clothes on April 4.

Yet their shock was nothing in comparison to what they’d experience moments later.

Upon probing the wanderer for her name, the woman’s response stunned the world: she insisted she is a “mermaid” called “Joanna,” reports.

Further questions led police nowhere; the confused woman responded with an “I don’t know” to most questions while pleading for medical attention.

“She was wet, she said she had been in the lake, said she needed help and needed to be taken to the hospital,” said Fresno Police Lt. Mark Hudson about Joanna.

“We did go through records after fingerprinting her and we still did not come up with her identity,” Hudson added.

While it’s not clear how old Joanna is, police say she could be anywhere between 16-30, say she is 5-foot-4-inches, weighs 150 pounds and has brown eyes and hair.

Authorities request anybody with further information to contact 559-621-2455 or email Detective Paul Hill at [email protected]

Like the police, local residents and social media users worldwide alike are scratching their heads over the incident, many debating whether or not Joanna is really a mermaid.

“There are some strange things that happen up here,” said neighbor Karon Renwick. “We’re in the mountains.”

“How do we know she isn’t a mermaid???,” chimed in a Daily Mail reader. “Until something is proved wrong or impossible, it is still a possibility.”

Most, however, were far more skeptical.

“Indeed, but we make informed decisions based on evidence and experience,” one person said in response. “It is possible, as you say, that she is a mermaid – although I would put the odds of that at about the same as her being married to Spongebob Squarepants. Again, possible- but you wouldn’t give it any credence.”

A few responded to Joanna’s claims with jokes.

“Definitely a mermaid,” commented one person on the Daily Mail’s website. “You can tell by the webbed toes. Might have been hit on the head by a Bigfoot, so that’s why she can’t remember anything. Bigfoot’s are kinda mean.”

Others, however, expressed concern for the woman, insisting she must be mentally unwell.

“People like you are the reason mental illness is still taboo,” responded one individual to those making fun of Joanna. “Have a little respect.”

“Hope someone comes forward!,” chimed in a second person. “She clearly needs someone to help and look after her.”

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