Cambusbarron mother kills herself over fake Tinder account in her name

By on September 5, 2017
Cambusbarron mother kills herself over fake Tinder account in her name

Cambusbarron mother kills herself over fake Tinder account in her name

A young mother killed herself on her 23rd birthday after she was bullied by internet trolls – including one who set up a fake Tinder account for her, her family has said.

Leanne Morrison had been out for celebratory drinks with friends in Stirling, however, is believed to have taken her own life after returning home to nearby Cambusbarron.

Friends and family of the 23-year-old, who leaves behind a four-year-old son Mason, said she had suffered from depression and that a recent relationship had broken down.

Leanne’s grandmother, Isabel Morrison, who raised her, told the Daily Record said she had last spoken to her the night before when she come to collect her birthday cards.

The 63-year-old added: ‘She told me she had an appointment to see the doctor and I think she had been suffering from depression after having a few rough times recently – but no one realised how bad it was.

‘We are all utterly devastated. Leanne knew so many people and had so many great friends. She was the life and soul of the party and loved a night out but she lived for her wee boy and Mason is our main concern.’

It is understood that Leanne had complained to the police previously about online bullying.

She had split from Mason’s father, Colin McLaughlin, a while ago but the pair maintained an amicable relationship.

Her brother William and sister Natalie both paid tribute on Facebook.
Natalie wrote: ‘I promise we will love, protect and cherish Mason, promise to make you so proud of him and to always tell him how much you loved him.

‘See you again soon, I love you x.’

In a post to Facebook in April, Leanne made reference to the torment she was enduring online when she vowed that ‘not a single person will get to me with there [sic] pathetic, disgusting lies’

Since her death, others have also mentioned the ‘mental abuse’ she received.
Friend Danielle Duguid wrote: ‘Some people don’t realise what their actions can do. I hope this opens people’s eyes to think before they act.’

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