Desmond Swayne ‘falls asleep’ during Ken Clarke’s Commons speech

By on January 16, 2018
Desmond Swayne ‘falls asleep’ during Ken Clarke's Commons speech

Desmond Swayne ‘falls asleep’ during Ken Clarke’s Commons speech

Desmond Swayne appeared to fall asleep during arch Europhile Ken Clarke’s House of Commons speech during the latest European Union debate.

Remember when Britain voted to remove itself from the EU, something the media affectionately referred to as Brexit? It’s not a done deal and, much like our own looming government shutdown, the country is on a tight schedule. Britain has until March of next year to iron out all of the details regarding their pending exit from the European Union.

Despite that deadline, one British Parliament Member found time during today’s House of Common’s Brexit debate to take a quick snooze break. The whole thing was, of course, caught on tape.

Conservative party member Sir Desmond Swayne is the slumberer-in-question, falling asleep as fellow MP Ken Clarke delivered remarks urging Britain to remain in the EU. This has led some to speculate that Swayne may have just been making fun of Clarke, and the entire notion that Britain would consider walking back the Brexit vote. This was reinforced by a segment of the footage in which Swayne can be seen checking his phone.

Also, stick around ’til the end of the video. Swayne waking up is the best part! He looks so damned satisfied, like he was dreaming about mermaids… or pizza.

No word on whether Swayne was mocking his fellow MP or had simply taken too much Ambien.

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