Driver caught with Homer Simpson’s licence (Photo)

By on March 19, 2018
Driver caught with Homer Simpson's licence (Photo)

Driver caught with Homer Simpson’s licence (Photo)

Driver Gets Caught Out As He Hands Over Fake Homer Simpson Licence After Being Stopped By Police.

When police pulled over a driver for a traffic stop in Milton Keynes, UK, last Sunday they were surprised to find he was carrying a driving licence with the details of Homer Simpson from well-known cartoon the Simpsons.

The document, a fake of the pink UK driving licence, even had a picture of the yellow character.

In addition to this, the name cited on the card was H. Simpson, and the address 28, Springfield Way, USA.

Thames Valley Police shared a picture of the of the permit on their Twitter account saying the car was seized and its driver reported for driving without a proper licence.

Twitter users were quick to point out innacuracies on the document. Mark Chunder wrote: “Clearly a fake. Homer lives at 742 Evergreen Terrace.”

In addition to the rather questionable fake identity, officers also found that the man was driving without insurance.

In the words of Homer himself…D’oh!

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