Giant lobster caught off Bermuda, possibly blown in by hurricane

By on October 18, 2016
Giant lobster caught off Bermuda, possibly blown in by hurricane

A charter boat company in Bermuda caught a mammoth 14 pound lobster while night fishing after Hurricane Nicole.

Sanctuary Marine Bermuda posted pictures to Facebook Saturday of a 14-pound lobster caught by anglers near Bermuda, an example of a sea monster, they wrote, blown in by Hurricane Nicole.

The giant was caught by accident, according to comments, on a hook and line while fishing for snapper.

Fourteen pounds is big, but it’s not that big. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, a 44-pound 6-ounce lobster caught off the coast of Nova Scotia in 1977 is the largest ever recorded. It was sold to a restaurant in New York.

Ten years later in 1987, a 22-pound Gulf of Maine lobster was shipped all the way back from Alaska by a native of Saco who “didn’t think he deserved to be boiled alive.” The lobster was released at the mouth of Portland Harbor.

Fortunately, this Bermuda monster shared a happy ending with the latter story and was released back into the temperate, North Atlantic waters from where it came.

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