Glass Bottom Skywalk Opens In China (Watch)

By on July 5, 2017
Glass Bottom Skywalk Opens In China (Watch)

Glass Bottom Skywalk Opens In China (Watch)

A glass-bottom skywalk in China, this one stretching out about 70m from a cliff face and suspended more than 120m high.

Only 30 people are allowed on the V-shaped walkway at one time.

The tourist attraction is set in Wansheng Stone Forest — the oldest in China — which was formed 465 million to 600 million years ago.

Glass-bottomed skywalks have become popular attractions at Chinese scenic parks for their panoramic views.

“The structure at the Ordovician park in Wansheng, which is held up by thick cables, was certified earlier this year by Guinness World Records as being the longest of its type anywhere on the planet,” AFP reported.

“Last year, a 430m-long, 300m-high glass bridge opened in central Hunan province. It temporarily closed after being overwhelmed by crowds.”

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