Jocelyn Wildenstein: New York ‘catwoman’ Accused of Attacking Boyfriend With Scissors

By on December 9, 2016
Jocelyn Wildenstein: New York 'catwoman' Accused of Attacking Boyfriend With Scissors

Jocelyn Wildenstein: New York ‘catwoman’ Accused of Attacking Boyfriend With Scissors

“Catwoman” Jocelyn Wildenstein — notorious for her plastic-surgery produced feline-like features — is charged with slashing her Canadian boyfriend.

Jocelyn Wildenstein, 76, was arrested early Wednesday at her Trump World Tower apartment for allegedly slashing her longtime designer boyfriend in the chest with scissors and pouring hot wax on his face during a brawl, according to The Daily Mail, which ran her mugshot on Thursday.

Police say she also clawed Lloyd Klein in the face with her nails.

The 49-year-old Klein reportedly shoved the so-called “Bride of Wildenstein” into a walk-in closet to stop the assault.

“That situation is very disturbing,” Klein told The New York Post after the incident.

He declined to say anything about the argument that allegedly precipitated the attack, saying, “It’s very intimate, very private — I’d rather not say.”

A New York Police Department spokesman confirmed the incident to People.

“The victim is a 49-year-old male … Wildenstein is accused of scratching his face with her fingernails and using a pair of scissors to cut him on the upper-right part of his chest,” the spokesman told People.

“The victim suffered bleeding. However, he refused medical attention at the scene.”

The attack to Klein’s chest caused “several red marks and substantial pain,” the police spokesperson said.

The Swiss-born Wildenstein became famous for the multiple plastic surgeries she underwent for her husband of 21 years, billionaire French art dealer Alec Wildenstein, who was a lover of big cats.

Her 1999 tabloid-fodder divorce from Wildenstein resulted in the largest divorce settlement in history — $2.5 billion plus $100 million a year for 13 years.

Their marriage ended when Alec Wildenstein was arrested for pointing a gun at his wife when she caught him in bed with his 19-year-old model girlfriend in their Upper East Side home.

Wildenstein reportedly began arguing with Klein on Wednesday about him spending too much time on social media.

“Lloyd was using his laptop and evidently not paying her enough attention. So she screamed at him to get off the computer then picked up a lit candle and threw the hot wax all over him,” a source told The Daily Mail.

“He was very scared, he asked her to calm down but she just got angrier and angrier and threatened to kill him.

“She then went at his face with her nails, which are real and very sharp, before finally grabbing some scissors and stabbing them twice into his chest.”

Wildenstein was arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court on felony and misdemeanor assault charges and freed without bail, the Post reported.

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