Melissa Robitille guilty over son’s feeding tube vodka death [Video]

By on April 15, 2017

Melissa Robitille guilty over son's feeding tube vodka death [Video]

Melissa Robitille guilty over son’s feeding tube vodka death [Video]

Melissa Robitille accused of killing disabled son by pouring vodka in feeding tube.

A Vermont mom learned her fate Friday. She was accused of putting alcohol in her son’s feeding tube before he died and now a jury has found her guilty.

Memories of 13-year-old Isaac Robitille have Kristen Millard fighting back tears.

“He was like a brother to my children, he was part of our family, it has been very difficult since losing him,” said Millard.

Millard and her husband helped care for the severely disabled boy who depended on a feeding tube and help from others to stay alive.

“I worked as Isaac’s deaf-blind intervener at school and my husband provided personal care to him in our home,” said Millard.

But it’s what happened in Isaac’s home that had his own mother on trial. Prosecutors say Melissa Robitille and her boyfriend agreed to put vodka in the teen’s feeding tube just hours before he died back in 2014. Friday a St. Johnsbury jury found her guilty of manslaughter.

Judge: As to the charge of involuntary manslaughter, what is the jury’s verdict?

Juror foreperson: We have found the defendant guilty.

Isaac’s uncle was there for the verdict too he says he’ll be OK, but worries about what Isaac’s death and the trial will mean for his three girls.

“it has effected them profoundly, I’m sure that they’ll get through it with a lot of help, but the stress has been really tough on them,” said David Robitille, victim’s uncle.

“My family can start to heal and breathe. I’m very happy with the jury and their decision,” said Millard.

It’s hard to say if folks like Millard will ever find closure, but with the trial behind her she’s ready to try.

“It has been a very difficult couple of years, this week has been particularly difficult for my husband, both my children, I’m just excited to go home and hug them,” said Millard.

Melissa Robitille could spend 15 years in prison and is behind bars Friday night awaiting sentencing. Her boyfriend at the time, Walter Richters, is already serving a three-year prison sentence in a plea deal for the same charge of manslaughter.

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