Plane skids off runway, gets stuck on cliff (Watch)

By on January 15, 2018
Plane skids off runway, gets stuck on cliff (Watch)

Plane skids off runway, gets stuck on cliff (Watch)

Passenger plane skids off runway and gets stuck on cliff edge in Turkey.

An online video clip captures the successful evacuation of passengers from an airplane that rolled off the runway in the northern Turkish city of Trabzon, before becoming stuck in the mud on a cliff over the Black Sea.

The record shows how the terrified people were able to evacuate the cabin of the airliner through emergency exits. In addition, the footage shows the work of firefighters.

The author of the video notes that passengers panicked following the accident.

The incident occurred on Saturday during the landing of a Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800, which arrived from Ankara. All of the 162 people on board survived; there were no casualties reported.

The accident didn’t put a stop to activity at the airport; the authorities have yet to determine the cause.

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