Pyramid Shaped Tomb Discovered In China (Picture)

By on March 18, 2017
Pyramid Shaped Tomb Discovered In China (Picture)

Pyramid Shaped Tomb Discovered In China (Picture)

Archaeologists have been left stunned after unearthing a pyramid-shaped tomb under a construction site in China.

Archaeologists were left scratching their heads after discovering it, along with another cylinder-shaped tomb in what they believe is a burial site.

It’s possible that the chamber, stretching almost 100 feet long and 26 feet across, could hail from the Han Dynasty (202 BC-220 AD), which is widely regarded as China’s golden age.

Who was buried inside the mausoleum, as well as the reason why it was built in the shape of a pyramid, are also under investigation.

Chinese media have dubbed the tomb the “pyramid of Zhengzhou.”

But it’s not a rival to Egypt’s main attraction.

The tombs stand less than 6 feet tall, in comparison to the Great Pyramids’ impressive 460 feet.

They could provide an insight into one of the most interesting periods in China’s history.

Spanning four centuries, it was during this time that China’s economy soared and included the introduction of the Silk Road — a marketplace which connected the East to the West.

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