Russian ghost vessel washed up on California beach (Picture)

By on November 20, 2017
Russian ghost vessel washed up on California beach (Picture)

Russian ghost vessel washed up on California beach (Picture)

Russian ghost vessel wash up after it was invaded by hordes of cannibal rats.

The missing Lyubov Orlova is believed to have washed up on the coast as experts claim it will be filled with vermin which eat one another while searching for food.

A satellite image and accidentally set-off distress beacons have revealed remains of a 295ft long mystery under the water.

The length is exactly the same of as the Russian ship which went missing while it was being towed from Canada nearly a year ago.

The liner is 40-years-old and is likely filled with disease-ridden rats.

The Lyubov Orlova, built for 110 passengers was deserted by her crew during a debt row and impounded in Newfoundland in 2010.

In 2012 the liner was being towed to the Dominican Republic to be scrapped when she came loose.

The Canadian government decided to drag her far out to sea and leave her there.

Ever since, people hoping to cash in on her $800,000 value as scrap have been looking for her.

Two distress beacons were picked up mid-Atlantic in March 2013 and a satellite spotted something of a similar size to the ship week later.

Yet she has never been found.

A What on Earth documentary series, on Science Channel, suggested it could actually be a concrete vessel.

An oil tanker named the SS Monte Carlo is also missing after being taken over by the Mob in the 1930s.

The floating casino, brothel and illicit bar could well be what has caused the stir in California.

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