Scout Schultz Georgia Tech Student Shot By Police (Watch)

By on September 18, 2017
Scout Schultz Georgia Tech Student Shot By Police (Watch)

Scout Schultz Georgia Tech Student Shot By Police (Watch)

Scout Schultz Georgia Tech student, LGBT activist shot dead by police after refusing to drop knife.

Police say Scout Schultz, who identified as non-binary instead of male or female, was shot after they responded to a 911 call about a person armed with a knife and gun outside a dormitory, WSB reports.

Scout Schultz doesn’t appear to have had a gun, but police say the student was shot after refusing orders to drop a knife. Graphic video of the incident shows the 21-year-old walking toward officers and shouting “Shoot me!” around a minute before being shot by one of four nearby officers, reports the Washington Post.

Video shows that Schultz’s hands were down when the student approached officers, and photos from the scene show a utility tool that apparently included a blade, though it wasn’t extended.

A lawyer for Schultz’s family accuses officers of overreacting. It appears Schultz “was having a mental breakdown and didn’t know what to do,” the lawyer says. “The area was secured. There was no one around at risk.” Schultz’s mother tells the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that her eldest child, who was born Scott, suffered from depression and attempted suicide two years ago. “Why didn’t they use some nonlethal force, like pepper spray or Tasers?” she wonders.

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