The real face of Jesus Christ: Forensic Expert Reconstructs How He Would Have Looked (Picture)

By on December 16, 2015
The real face of Jesus Christ: Forensic Expert Reconstructs How He Would Have Looked (Picture)

Is this the real face of Jesus Christ? A man in England drew a picture of Jesus Christ he believes is most accurate due to scientific research – and his depiction is now going viral.

British scientists using forensic anthropology, similar to how police solve crimes, have stitched together what they say is probably most accurate image of Jesus Christ’s real face, and he’s not the light-skinned figure many of us are used to seeing.

They analyzed three skulls from archeological dig sites and were able to figure out a possible shape of Jesus’ head and facial muscles, but they were NOT able to accurately determine the color of his skin and hair with that.

The discovery came after researchers evaluated drawings found in various archaeological sites in Israel. Thus the dark skin, eyes and traditional Jewish beard with short, curly hair. The latest image is a stark contrast to how He is portrayed in paintings and pictures who appears leaner with long flowy hair.

Earlier this year a picture re-emerged that showed what Jesus might have looked like as a kid.

Detectives took the Turin Shroud, believed to show Jesus’ image, and created a photo-fit image from the material.

They used a computer program to reverse the aging process. After reducing his jaw size, slimming his face and softening his eyes — a 12-year-old Jesus appeared.

Still, these predictions aren’t based on much evidence as The New Testament of the Holy Bible doesn’t provide any detailed description of Christ, nor have any drawings of him been discovered.

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  1. frntncntr

    March 20, 2017 at 6:15 pm

    He was Lebanese, not Jewish. That’s why he spoke Aramaic, not Hebrew. The Vatican has some of the last known accurate paintings of his depiction locked under key. They are very similar to this, dark skin and all. I believe these scientist may have also seen those pictures, otherwise that must him or close to it. Notice the hazel / green eyes and dark skin. Features found in many Lebanese men.

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