UK heatwave: forecasts, warnings and how to stay cool

By on June 18, 2018
UK heatwave: forecasts, warnings and how to stay cool

UK heatwave: forecasts, warnings and how to stay cool

UK weather: Mini heatwave to bake Britain with 30C but will Somerset miss out?.

The sunshine is returning to the UK in the coming days and a mini heatwave has been predicted, bringing the hottest day of the year.

Britain is set to bake in temperatures of 30C on Tuesday but it looks like Somerset might miss out.

With June on track to be the hottest in Britain for 42 years, it will have another temperature top-up this week as the sun gets its hat out once again.

The week is going to start with a good deal of sun beaming down on Somerset, with the heat being turned up in to the twenties in Bath.

Met Office forecaster Mark Wilson said: “June has been a good month so far, being warmer and drier than average.

“There’s a lot of fine and dry weather to come, with highs around 28C on Tuesday, and Wednesday could be very warm as well.”

While other places in the country then see the mercury rise, as 30C is hit during a heatwave that will last a couple of days, Somerset will be dished up rather indifferent weather.

Cloudy conditions and coastal mist has been predicted for Somerset by the Met Office, so it might be worth keeping the shorts and barbecue stored away for a little while longer.

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