Wonder Woman snubbed by Oscar voters

By on January 24, 2018
Wonder Woman snubbed by Oscar voters

Wonder Woman snubbed by Oscar voters

Wonder Woman completely snubbed from Oscar nominations.

Despite the fact that Patty Jenkins’s Wonder Woman was the standout blockbuster of 2017, the beloved superhero movie found itself left out from Oscars consideration on Tuesday. When all was said and done at the nomination announcements, fans realized that Gal Gadot, Jenkins and their team didn’t score nominations in any of the categories — a surprise for many, especially since many had considered it had potential in the Best Director and special effects categories, at the very least. It wasn’t the only movie that was seemingly snubbed, of course; actors like Tom Hanks and James Franco also found themselves out of the running.

But in a year of women’s voices rising to the top, its absence felt especially jarring to some. Not to mention its significance: with over $400 million in box office sales, Wonder Woman was not only first female-fronted superhero movie of all time, but also the one of the biggest releases of the year. Here’s how the internet reacted.

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