France’s ‘Black Widow of the Riviera’ jailed for poisonings

By on January 19, 2018
France's 'Black Widow of the Riviera' jailed for poisonings

France’s ‘Black Widow of the Riviera’ jailed for poisonings

A French woman dubbed the “Black Widow of the Riviera” was jailed for 22-years Thursday for poisoning four wealthy elderly men, two of whom died.

Patricia Dagorn, 57, was accused of seducing and poisoning four men — two of whom died in 2011.

Dagorn — who has denied the killings — was described as a “perverse narcissist” during her sentencing Thursday, according to the Guardian.

She was already serving five years in prison for fraud and theft.

In 2011, one of her lovers in their 60s was found dead in his pool of blood in a Nice apartment, according to the Guardian.

Dagorn was also linked to the death of 85-year-old Francesco Filippone who was found dead in a bathtub in his home that same year, the BBC reported.

She allegedly convinced her lovers to sign checks or give her money and also poisoned their food with Valium.

Dagorn met about 20 men in Cote d’Azur through a matchmaking agency between 2011 and 2012, prosecutors said.

She said she had been friends with the men who were killed.

“I won’t say that it was love, but it was deep friendship,” Dagorn said in court, according to the Guardian.

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