Kate Winslet, Allison Janney Kiss at Hollywood Film Awards (Watch)

By on November 7, 2017
Kate Winslet, Allison Janney Kiss at Hollywood Film Awards (Watch)

Kate Winslet, Allison Janney Kiss at Hollywood Film Awards (Watch)

Kate Winslet and Allison Janney shared a surprise kiss onstage at the Hollywood Film Awards on Sunday night.

While accepting this year’s Hollywood Actress award, Kate Winslet used her speech as a chance to praise her colleagues in the audience—in particular, her secret girl crush Allison Janney. “What a great room this is to be in tonight, filled with so many achievements and such powerful creativity.,” the Oscar winner said. “One of the most rewarding things about this job is the opportunity to work alongside incredible actors. Winslet, 42, went on to “thank and applaud” her fellow actors for their “passionate dedication and your brilliance.”

“Allison Janney is in this room. Allison, I know I don’t really know you, but I just want to be you,” she admitted. “I do. Or just stroke you or something. I mean, we could always kiss. Maybe.”

Janney cheered from her seat, prompting Winslet to press the issue further. “Maybe?” she asked.

And just like that, it was on. Janney, 57, jumped up and rushed to the stage.

“Oh, it’s gonna happen. Quick, quick, quick!” Winslet cried. “This is an exciting moment, isn’t it?”

The ladies locked lips in a brief and passionate kiss, leaving Winslet too flustered to continue. “Thank you very much,” she said. “Now I’m a little bit breathless!”

Watch the moment here:

This isn’t the first time Janney has rushed the stage to plant a wet one on a fellow celeb. At the 2015 Critics’ Choice Awards, the Mum star jumped on stage to smooch comedian James Corden.

“I acted on impulse with the kiss. And also what he said was so lovely, and I’m a huge fan of James Corden,” Janney told InStyle afterwards. “I hope his wife isn’t threatened by me at all, because I mean no harm and I am no threat to their marriage, because he is a lovely man.”

The heart wants what it wants, right Allison?

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