Katie Hopkins mocks Royals for talking about mental health

By on April 21, 2017
Katie Hopkins mocks Royals for talking about mental health

Katie Hopkins mocks Royals for talking about mental health

Katie Hopkins SLAMMED for mocking Prince William and Harry’s mental health campaign.

The outspoken star has made yet more unsavoury comments after taking aim at the Royals for discussing their mental health issues.

Katie, 42, has slammed Princes William and Harry for treating “a newspaper interview like a therapy session”, after the latter opened up about his need for counselling to cope with the loss of his mother Diana.

Speaking in a frank interview with The Telegraph, Harry confessed that he was “on the verge of punching someone” and “very close to a complete breakdown”.

Meanwhile, the Duke of Cambridge has also discussed his mother’s death, and recently teamed up with Lady Gaga to talk about the issue of mental health for the Heads Together campaign.

But Katie has now attacked the brave pair for divulging their past struggles, writing in her Daily Mail column: “Is there any chance Prince William and Prince Harry could just put a sock in it for a bit and quit bleating on about their struggle for sanity?”

“As yet another celebrity is applauded for speaking out about their mental health struggles, I wish more people would decide to keep their emotions private for their family.

“I am sick of them being vomited up all over the place in an endless competition to see who can be the most traumatised.”

The ex Celebrity Big Brother star added: “We are the land of Keep Calm and Carry On. Not Keep Crying and Tell Me About It.”

The former Apprentice star was instantly slammed on Twitter for her opinion, with one user blasting: “Harsh. They have nothing to gain from this, they are rich & famous enough already. Their aim is simply to normalise mental health issues.”

“You’re an absolute attention seeking clown. I respect your thoughts on some stuff but on this you are very wrong indeed,” a further raged.

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