Paris Hilton Yeezy campaign is actually payback

By on February 1, 2018
Paris Hilton Yeezy campaign is actually payback

Paris Hilton Yeezy campaign is actually payback

Paris Hilton Is a Kim Kardashian Clone for the Yeezy Campaign.

If at first glance it looks like it’s just Kim Kardashian starring in the new campaign for Yeezy Season 6, look harder. It’s actually Paris Hilton. Yes, in a move that simultaneously breaks the internet, ends any lingering rumors of a feud, and completely upends the space time continuum of the reality TV celebrity tabloid industrial complex, Hilton dons her best Kardashian drag to promote Kanye West’s latest collection.

While West himself has kept a low profile since late 2016 and has forgone regular fashion show, his Yeezy brand has continued to put out regular collections and debut them via untraditional means. Yeezy Season 6 original made its debut when Kim Kardashian herself wore multiple looks from the collections out and about in Los Angeles over a span of a few days allowing the paparazzi to capture her image. The official campaign takes the idea a step forward by enlisting Hilton and a few other Karashian-look-alikes and social media stars to reenact the paparazzi shots.

Kardashian debuted the images of Hilton on her on Twitter, calling her former boss the “OG”:

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