Quebec: Fortifications from 1693 uncovered

By on November 8, 2018
Quebec: Fortifications from 1693 uncovered

Quebec: Fortifications from 1693 uncovered

In what is being called a major archeological discovery, excavations for a condominium project in Quebec City have uncovered a fortification dating back to 1693.

Preserved in clay for centuries, the 20-metre section was part of a wood palisade built to defend against possible attacks from the English and from Indigenous groups.

Premier François Legault, who announced the find at a press conference on Tuesday, says it is inspiring to see how Quebec’s ancestors worked to protect the colony of New France.

Historians say about 500 people worked on building the wall in a settlement that had just 800 people at the time.

The government plans to remove the structure and eventually put it on display. The waterlogged wood will first have to be dried, which is expected to take two years.

Officials say the discovery will add to understanding of Quebec City’s fortifications, the most complete surviving from colonial times in North America.

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