Simon Cowell devastated by the news that his ‘Nanny Heather’

By on December 18, 2017
Simon Cowell devastated by the news that his 'Nanny Heather'

Simon Cowell devastated by the news that his ‘Nanny Heather’

Simon Cowell reveals his heartbreak that childhood nanny, 78, is suffering with dementia.

The music mogul made an emotional phone call to the woman who still calls him “my little boy” after looking after him and his brothers for five years when they were young children.

According to the Mirror, Simon spent an hour chatting to Heather James and her carer Eric Williamson on the phone.

Simon told the newspaper:: “We had a bond when she was my nanny, she’s an incredible person. It’s heartbreaking she’s going through this.”

Nanny Heather’s carer Eric added: “It was a fantastic gesture, really caring. He asked all about her health – he was really concerned.

“He was talking about when he was growing up and how Heather looked after him and his brothers.”

Simon also confirmed that he will be seeing Heather when he returns to the UK.

Eric said that Nanny Heather was missing Simon and was desperate to see him again.

He added: “Her health is getting worse, her eyesight is failing and her hearing – she’s not a well woman.

She has previously said of Simon: “I was a big part of his life, they’re my family. I’m so proud of how far he’s come. He’s doing so well.”

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