Strange ‘bird fish’ found in south-west china (Watch Video)

By on June 13, 2018
Strange 'bird fish' found in china (Watch Video)

Strange ‘bird fish’ found in china (Watch Video)

Strange ‘bird fish’ Head Found in China, Watch Video of The Weird Looking Mutant Species!.

At first glance, people are saying it looks like a pigeon or parrot’s head, but others are convinced it’s a fish crossbred with a dolphin.

Daily Mail reported that the ‘creature’ was discovered in Guizhou, south-west China. A fish expert has said that it was hard to pinpoint what species it is, but it does form part of the carp breed.

It is strange because while you can see it’s a fish, the head of it tells a different story. I’m divided between bird and dolphin.

How about you? Can you help me figure out what this is?

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